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RTG CAsino Slot Games

One of the online casinos most popular games , slots is a very easy game to play. You're first step is to place your bet. Usually, you would bet one to five coins per play. The value of the coins you use depends on the machine. Typically each coin would be worth 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar or 5 dollars. If you are a high roller it is also common to find machines where you can place higher bets.

Now that your bet is made, you simply click the button that spins the wheel and wait for the outcome. What you win and how much you win depends on the position that the wheels stop. The pay table lists the type and amount of the payout for winning combinations . Pay tables differ for different games, so it is important to read and understand what your goal is before you play any particular machine.

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Slot Variants  

Progressive Jackpot Slots

A very popular type of slot with the biggest jackpots , progressives are number of machines running in a single network that uses a portion of the money inserted to continuously builds a jackpot until it is won.

Multiple Pay-Line

These slot machines have more than one pay-line. The most common of these machines have three pay lines; one in the middle of the screen, one on top of it and one below it. If you spin a winning combination that lands directly on any of these lines you might win. The twist is, is that you can only activate all three lines if you insert the maximum number of coins into the machine. So if you insert only one or two coins (on a three coin max, three line machine) and you hit a winning combo on the top line, you may not win anything. But if you had entered three coins, no matter which line you hit, you will win. As you can see, the advantage to playing a machine like this is that you have more chances at winning, but remember, this is only the case if you play the maximum amount of coins.

Multiplier Slots

This type of slot machine is very common in any casino . On these machines, the payout changes depending on the number of coins you have played. For example, if you hit a combination that pays out $20 and you've inserted one coin, you will win $20. But if you had inserted 2 coins before you spun the wheel you would've won $40 (2 coins times $20 payout) or $60 if your initial bet was 3 coins.

Bonus Multiplier Slots

This type of machine runs similarly to multiplier machines, but when the maximum number of coins is inserted and you hit a combination an extra bonus is added. For example, by inserting one coin you win $100, 2 coins you win $200, but if you've inserted 3 coins (the max) you win $500.

After reviewing these different types of machines you are ready to hit the slots, just be sure to read the machines payout schedule and know what type of game you are about to play.

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